Have you ever wondered?


  • Why your ancestors left Ireland when they did?
  • Where in Canada they settled?
  • All about your family history and family tree?
  • Why they came?
  • The ship they sailed in?


 Through a series of three Irish immigration to Canada books written by Dr Lucille H. Campey these questions are unpicked. 


  • The first book, Atlantic Canada's Irish Immigrants: A Fish and Timber Story, deals with the Irish pioneers of Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland).  In this major study Lucille traces the relocation of about ninety thousand Irish people to their new homes in Atlantic Canada. 


  • The second book, Ontario and Quebec's Irish Pioneers: Farmers, Labourers and Lumberjacks, deals with an even greater number of Irish people who settled in mid Canada from the eighteenth century.


  • The third book, Canada's Irish Pioneers - Their Story, describes the influx of Irish immigrants across  Canada,  starting with Newfoundland in the east and ending up in the Prairies and British Columbia. The book is packed full of data on sea crossings and settlements


 These books are essential reading for anyone wishing to learn more about the Irish exodus to Canada..They also provide a mine of information useful to family historians


 In addition to her three books on Irish immigration to Canada, Lucille has written three books on the English , see  www.englishtocanada.com as well as eight books on the Scots, www.scotstocanada.com.ovinces, follow the links to explore this web-site simply follow 

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