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About Lucille



Lucille Campey was born in Ottawa, Canada and moved to England following her marriage to Geoff. Having trained as a scientist, she later entered the world of politics when she became an adviser to a cabinet minister in John Major's government.


An ongoing love of history led her into another world around twenty years ago. Having obtained a PhD on Scottish immigration to Canada from the University of Aberdeen. Since then she wrote eight books on the Scots (see www.scotstocanada.com) and three books on Canada’s English immigrants (see www.englishtocanada.com ). Her three books about Canada's Irish pioneers form  the basis of this website.


In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious Prix du Quebec by the Quebec government in recognition of her ongoing contribution to Canadian immigration studies. 


You can contact Lucille by sending her an Email to lucille@irishtocanada.com.



About Geoff



Geoff Campey was born in Chester, England. He graduated in mathematics and worked for many years as a manager in the chemical industry. He started developing his computer skills in 1960 when he worked on one of the early scientific computers and has been fascinated by computers ever since. Geoff does some of the research; produces the maps and tables used in Lucille's books and takes some of the photographs used as illustrations. He constructed this web site.


You can contact Geoff by sending him an Email at geoff@irishtocanada.com

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