View of Saint Lawrence River from Citadel, Quebec City, 1842

Welcome to the Irish to Canada website which provides information on Canada's early Irish settlers.  If you want to learn more about Irish immigration to a particular province follow the links on this page.


The material is provided by Dr. Lucille H. Campey who has produced two major books on Irish immigration to Canada.


The first book, published in 2016, deals with the Irish pioneers of Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland)


The second book, which was published in September, 2018, deals with the Irish who settled in Ontario and Quebec.


A third book covering the Irish in the Prairies and British Columbia follows in 2020. For further details follow the link to The Books.


The books have much useful information including maps, ships lists, and some passenger lists. Through them you will discover:

  • why your ancestors left Ireland when they did,
  • where in Canada they settled,
  • why they came,
  • and possibly the ship they sailed in.


Click on the different provinces to learn more.


Lucille's talks and radio interview.

Lucille recently talked about her latest book to Irish Radio Canada. If you want to listen to the talk click here.



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